Seis meses de Camino desde Estonia

Inma Tamayo

This was my second Camino. Last year I walked the Camino Francés. Somebody I don’t remember told me that a real pilgrimage starts from your home. I did not take it seriously at first, my home, Tartu, Estonia, is just too far from Santiago. However, I could not forget this thought… and here I am, after more than six months of walking. This has been a very, very good experience, from the first day until the last one.
Many thanks to everyone who helped this thought to turn into reality!
Maarika Traat, from Tartu, Estonia

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  1. Congratulations...buen camino en la vida !

  2. Congratulations...Uau... ;)


  3. ulrich says:

    Hi Maarika,
    congratulations for this extraordinary walk ! In April I will do the same - yet, only starting from Granada. I hope, to meet you one day again on the Camino.

    Ulrich - the German from Granada ( we walked last year a couple of days together)

  4. ulrich says:

    Hi Maarika,

    congratulations to your extraordinaty walk ! A pity that we did not meet again but I am shure that this was not your last Camino. I will start next April also from home - only a bit closer.

    Merry Xmas y siempre bon Camino
    (the German from Granada)

  5. Congratulations Maarika - what a wonderful adventure. 6 months walking is a serious pilgrimage. Well done.


  6. maarika says:

    Many thanks! Muchas gracias!


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