It was a great adventure in every way

Inma Tamayo

Today at 11,30 I arrived at Santiago. I started in my hometown: Aartrelaar, it is in Antwerp, on the first of July. I walked 71 days and did about 2.140 km. In the beginning I had to find my own route, from the south of France I did the “Voie de Tours” and in Spain I walked the Camino Francés. The main reason I wanted to walk the Camino is because I could not find a reason not to walk the Camino. It was a great adventure in every way. I learned a lot about myself and my emotion. On the Camino I learned never to hesitate but just do what your heart tells you to do. Never regret, just keep on walking…

Joeri Dockx (24 years old)

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