Kiwi family from New Zealand

Inma Tamayo

A man walked to Santiago with a donkey… he wrote a book and in it suggested it would be impossible to do with children. We decided to try anyway!
We started in Astorga and slowly made our way a westward with the sun at our backs casting shadows in front of us with each step we took. Dusty paths, up hills, shady glades, stony tracks… beauty and challenge all the way. Even a broken arm for de 8 years old at O Cebreiro. We met many people… and met them again before they left us behind. We talked and looked and learnt and thought and experienced.
It was a wonderful memory-making walk.
Rob & Rachael
Jaala (18)
Josiah (16)
Kyle (15)
Kaleisha (13)
Levi (11)
Micaiah (10)
Tessa (8)
Ella-Rose (6)
Grandpa Joe (80 years old)

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