At every level, my life is enriched by walking the camino: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

Inma Tamayo

I confess that I´m a camino addict. Since 2007 I´ve walked four different routes to Santiago: the French way from Geneva, the northern route from San Sebastian, the Portuguese camino from Faro, and El Primitivo from Oviedo, a total of 3950 km! Now, as I type this at an internet cafe in Santiago, my personal sense of accomplishment is as strong as my feelings of thankfulness. Lots of elements combined together to make each of these caminos happen, and countless possible obstacles were overcome or simply never arose.

At every level, my life is enriched by walking the camino: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. There are many aspects to the camino that draw me back again and again: the beauty of the landscapes, the remarkable history of the different regions, the food, the diverse range of pilgrims encountered, the hospitality received, the meditative benefits of the camino, and a stronger dedication to God and purposeful living.

Yet overall it´s the simplicity of the camino life that I love the most. A camino is a big chunk of time in which my life is focused on the basics; a time in which I savour the luxury of eating when hungry, drinking when thirsty and resting when tired. I heartily recommend a generous dose of camino walking, as a sure way of regenerating passion for living, gaining a renewed sense of purpose, and seeing life with a refreshed perspective.

I´m already planing my fifth camino for next year, si Dios quiere (God willing).

Jonathan Dyer
Sunshine Coast, Australia

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  1. Well said Jonathan. You are so right and may your plans for the next camino come to bear great fruit. I walked my first camino this year from St Jean to Muxia and I echo everything you said.

    Best regards,
    Scott (pays Hobart de Tasmanie!)

  2. Well done, Scott. We send you our best greetings from Santiago, final destination of the pilgrimage. Going on to visit Muxia is always a gift for the pilgrim.

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