The Camino was a sign of his commitment to be with me and would I marry him?

Inma Tamayo

Buen Camino! It’s a phrase you hear often while walking the Camino de Santiago but nobody can put into words the feelings I have today when we arrived today in front of the magnificent Cathedral. We have met so many people over the world with smiles and great stories but I have lucky to walk side by side with my best friend. Sometimes I walked in front, sometimes him and d sometimes hand in hand. A metaphor for life when you envision a future with someone. A marriage takes compromise compassion forgiveness and love. We started our “Camino” 7 years ago when we met in 2005. During this time, we have continued to get closer year by year and have talked about marriage but I never knew when Greg would ask me. Also, I frequently pray that Greg knows my love is just a small grace and example from God.

I never know if these prayers would manifest but on this vacation before Camino Greg has attended Mass with me. Then, today we were in front of the Cathedral and I told him I was so proud of us. He began to cry and told me he had an important question, that the Camino was a sign of his commitment to be with me and would I marry him? We both cried, smiled and I was so happy. There can be no better place to propose after a long journey than on the Cathedral steps. We went to the Peregrino Mass with love for each other and to praise God for all the blessings in our lives. I now know that my prayers have been answered because Greg chose a place so special and spiritual for us to always remember and to center us. In the end, the Camino is more important than the destination so we can hold each day as our own Camino in silence but also to share with those we love.
Christine Salinas y Greg Hyland

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